A World of Teenagers

We live like a pack of popular teens. Baiting the teacher into offending us, so we can bitch to our friends and parents: “See, this is why I can’t pass the class, they’ve got it out for me!” Looking out for the social climbers, so we can kick up the avalanche and send them back down the mountain. Seeing the way the stars, tides, and bated breaths wait on our cosmic, comely, suavely complicated whim.

We, the teenagers, do declare that we decide decency. We, the teenagers, decide what is and isn’t proper. We, the teenagers, in order to form a more perfect union, demand we be recognized as omnipotent jurors–peers, just better ones.

Nobody likes teenagers, but we can’t seem to grow out of it.

Facebook makes the news, people swallow it all the way to the reel. People being offended is soooo dumb (I meant “skank” in the good way). Being mentally ill is either the Flu or Lycanthropy. 90% of people say binge drinking and shopping are keys to a healthier lifestyle (I read it on The Chive). “Problem Solving” is a channel on YouTube. “Work” is a last ditch effort at becoming rich. “Interview” is what celebrities do to sell movies. “Communication” is a college degree for athletes.

Nobody likes teenagers, but it’s seven years of bad luck to break a mirror.